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Domestic Entry for the Nebraska State Fair
See individual department fair books for entry deadlines.
General  Entry Information for Domestic Entries
--Have your Entry Book for the Dept available when you are entering and KNOW the Division number(s) and Class(es) to be entered.  Verify department descriptions requirements.
-- Call the Supt of the Dept you are entering if you have questions.  Phone number found in the Entry book.
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1.  Click Sign-In (look for the blue box on the top right of this page) to begin.  
2. Create your account by completing your information.  NOTE:  Choose a new password of your choice to use for this year's fair. Passwords from previous years are not retained in the system.
3. After creating your account, follow the instructions on each page of the entry process to submit entries using the numbered steps at the top of the page.  Required fields are designated with an asterisk.  
4. Print out the entry receipt of your entries.
5. Payment by credit cards ONLY -- Required  at time of entry (Master Card or VISA).
6. After completing your entry on-line, you will receive an email confirmation.
TIP:  When you get to ‘#4 Review’, you can “Save this cart for later”.  You will be able to go back to it until you actually “Check-out”, but Check-Out before the Closing Date.
7. Entry of Multiple Family Members --- You can initially sign on as a “Quick Group” which will allow you to enter family members more easily.  Just give yourself a group name (this is only used on the internet, no place else) and just follow the instructions. After entering one exhibitor, you will be given the opportunity to enter another exhibitor.  When finished entering, at check out you will pay for all members that you added and a receipt for each member will be sent to you.